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GMF is dedicated to developing innovative, functional, sustainable upholstery collections with significantly high abrasion for hotel lobby and commercial lobby projects. GMF, a leading supplier of decorative contract fabrics, has an extensive and diversified library of vinyls, performance vinyls, urethanes and multi-purpose velvets for upholstery and drapery applications.

GMF's Quantum Vol. I & II Collection and Old World Collection offer a depth of top grain leather and decorative embossings and patterns as well as, GMF's TNT Performance Upholstery Collection that provides ultra high-abrasion for high-traffic lobby projects.

GMF's Opulence Velvet Collection is multi-purpose and meets upholstery and drapery specifications as well as having an abrasion of 200,000+ DR. Opulence Velvet provides designers the ability to pair and coordinate velvet seating upholstery and velvet drapery for hotel lobbies. Additionally, GMF's Dazzle, Exotica, and Glamour Collections offer designers dynamic, exciting and stunning embossings and colorways for the most sophisticated lobby designs.

With over 1,000 inline upholstery embossings and patterns, GMF also welcomes designers the opportunity to custom develop and or value engineer [VE] upholstery in vinyl, polyurethane, velvet or jacquards for client projects.